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In-Person Therapy

Published on 14th April 2019

One of the most beneficial aspects of counseling is that you get to have a dedicated, problem-solving partner who is committed to helping you successfully navigate your way through life's rough patches.

Sessions can be tailored around specific singular issues such as dealing with grief, or, they can focus on tackling ongoing problems such as workplace anxiety and relationship dysfunction.

Examples of issues that can be addressed with holistic therapy include:

Regardless of the problems you're struggling with, it is important to recognize that, with holistic therapy, there is an emphasis on the word partnership. The goal of this type of therapy is not to have the therapist single-handedly come up with a perfect solution to all of your problems. In reality, no one besides you -- in any kind of therapeutic setting -- can do that.

My role, as your therapist, is to ask the right questions, listen without judgment and be present with you in a supportive space as you gain insight and become more emotionally capable of clearly identifying solutions to your dilemmas. I am here to serve as a knowledgeable guide, gently pointing you in the direction toward personal growth, in a manner that best suits your emotional readiness and willingness. This process can happen smoothly and relatively quickly or it can evolve over a long period of time...it's all up to you. Person-centered therapy is about going at YOUR pace and honoring YOUR truth.

**(If requested, a portion of any session may be dedicated to hypnosis)**

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