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When Silence Speaks

Published on 18th October 2017

There is a quiet, a stillness that exists within all of us.  A place where there is no other voice but the voice of God/Spirit/Inner Wisdom…whatever you want to call it.  If we spend time willing it to us and shutting down the noise that comes into our heads on a constant basis, we will hear the faint echoes of it’s voice.  But, mainly its about believing that that voice exists.

Why Do We Need to Believe?

Because our mind will tell us that we are just thinking, that the random thoughts are just that – unconnected streams of worry and minutiae.  But those voices, those hesitations, those bursts of spontaneity or inspiration…they are the whispers of the heavens; the knowingness and inherent synchronicity that exists within all of us.  The whispers are sometimes quite subtle, just lightly brushing the edges of our awareness – which is why we need to detach from all of the chatter and find our way back to silence.  Silence is reverence; it is pure, humble and unshakeable by the most intrusive of egos.  If we meet uncertainty, anger, mistrust, jealousy and the like with silence we are free to commune with nature and be guided to divine right action.  This is a gift of life – it is available to us all!  And it is wondrous!

How deeply must we take our practice of silence? Until we have waited out, wore down and ejected the petty, selfish and unloving ways in which we have allowed ourselves to exist.

What Will The Silence Ultimately Reveal to Us?

Ah. This is the crux of the story. YOUR story. Because that’s what everything’s all about really. Why we’re here…what we bring to the table. Well meaning family, friends and teachers will have lots to say about what our gifts or contributions should be, but regardless of their observations, YOU are the only one who can know for sure what they are. Why? Because you are the only one that can hear that voice in your head. That’s why a regular practice of silence is imperative – without it, you may end up depriving the rest of us of your unique and only-available-through-you offering.

My 4-year old daughter would often get timid if she was singing and someone noticed and asked about her song. I told her that she had a beautiful voice and that when we have a talent for something, it’s not just for us to enjoy, but that we must share it with others too. One day she came up to me and just started singing; she sang a song she had just learned the whole way through, as she looked me straight in the eye. When she was done she said “Mommy, see, I’m sharing my song with you so that you can have it too!”

Accept your gifts, celebrate them – then go out and share them with the world.

Build Your Masterpiece

Life is a canvas upon which all of us paint our masterpieces.  There are the tentative first strokes, then the bold bursts of colors that say “I am here! Look at what I can do!”  We then get some life instruction (conditioning), and our canvases become a paint-by-numbers game where we are introduced to boundaries and learn to color within certain lines.  Some of us go along, without questions, number to number until there’s nowhere else to go – and then we finally realize what picture we were painting.

The good news is that it’s never too late to take stock and analyze our picture.  What we want to avoid at all costs is an unfinished painting.

I encourage you to stop for a moment.  Take a look at your canvas right now.  What are you painting? Are you listening to your muse?