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I am Enough

Published on 1st May 2018

I woke up yesterday. It was a reawakening.

See, I've been here before and I thought I knew

What was necessary to know. So I smiled

And I took a backseat.

I said "When you know you have, you can give."

But I only knew words and ideas...i still had much to attain.

I didn't know that, though. I was an open book of giving... 

of thoughts forming but not walked through. 

I was a burgeoning blossom, so fragile, so remote, so eager and filled with promise.

Arms, words and meaning entangled inward but yearning to unfold and reveal what's inside.


That blossom -- head raised and wobbly -- struggling for the stronghold of balance,

is struck and taken aback by the inevitable raindrops.


Wilted, I stand

Drenched, I soak in knowledge

Covered in darkness, I seek out light and begin again.

I am fallen but I have not forgotten that the awakening has begun. 

I will rise. I will carry on. 

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