How to Repair an LCD TV Power Supply Board

There are typically a couple of reasons why a person might want to replace or repair an LCD TV power supply board. The main indicators that the power board should be repaired are that the LCD TV powers off and on intermittently, or that it takes a long time to get any reception when the power is turned on. Luckily, this type of problem is fairly common and easy to address if a person has some basic familiarity with electronics. This repair also requires a good comfort level with using a solderin

How to Flatten a Watercolor Painting

Watercolor paintings have been loved over the years for their luminosity and quick productions. Watercolors were used by painters to create beautiful works of art as well as by people who wanted an effective medium to create maps, illustrations, sketches and plans for military purposes. This is a medium that is water soluble and can be applied to a variety of art papers. If the paper is too thin, however, the paper can warp or curl due to the moisture. There are a few simple methods that can fla


Combining music, dance, video, fashion and visual arts, My Runway Show is a high-concept show piece that aims to delight and entertain the young, stylish and pop-culture savvy masses. An air of excitement surrounds the show each year as the venues, performances and special guests become bigger, more popular and more buzz-worthy. In addition to creating a dazzling spectacle, the My Runway group aims to shine a light on and lend their support to charitable organisations such as Alicia Keys' Keep a Child Alive foundation, the official charity partner of this year's event. Plot Each year, My Runway Show revolves around a particular theme, engagingly illustrated through precise and very dramatic choreography. Executed with confidence, sass and ebullient flamboyancy, the show provides a platform for up-and-coming models, fashion designers and other creative artists. Much of the show's buzz is created by young fans interested in all things fashionable, as well as a series of backstage videos that reveal the hustle, hard work, fun and glamour that come with putting together the whole extravaganza.

Cheap Flight Routes From Newark, EWR To Fort Lauderdale, FLL

Summer may be over but relaxing, sunshine-filled vacations don't have to be, especially when there are so many options for flights from EWR to FLL just waiting to be booked online. Whether you're looking to make a quick weekend jaunt or to cash in on long-overdue vacation time, there are so many cheap flights from EWR to FLL that it would be a shame not to say goodbye to New Jersey and hello to the sun, surf, and sand in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

20 Best Apartments For Rent in Huntington Park from $540!

What's the best way to travel around Los Angeles? The short answer: grab your car keys. That being said, dont hate on L.A. Metro.Now that you've settled into your new Huntington Park neighborhood and are feeling the urge to explore the surroundings beyond your own block, in L.A., there are basically two options for getting around town. In spite of what most people say about public transportation in Los Angeles, theres a lot of options for bus and train
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Personalized coffee mugs make great convention and reunion mementos

Event planning is a big job and sometimes it’s the simple tasks that end up being the most time consuming. Trying to come up with an event keepsake that everyone will love can be stressful, especially when considering that this small marketing piece has the potential (or not) to entice return visits year after year. What’s great about using a keepsake such as promotional water bottles or personalized coffee mugs is that they are everyday items that are easy for just about anyone to keep handy al