How Can Progressive Muscle Relaxation Help Me?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a simple technique that involves first isolating and tensing individual muscles throughout the body and then rapidly releasing the tension. Working through the body systematically in this way can help to ease anxiety, improve digestion, reduce fatigue, lower blood pressure, cure insomnia and, in many cases, also assist with relieving chronic pain.

Do You Hypnotize People?

The short answer is yes...and no. The longer answer is that, although I am a certified hypnotherapist, I don't perform what many people consider to be traditional hypnosis. I have found that the idea of "going under" hypnosis tends to set clients up with the false belief that, as the hypnotist, I am going to snap my fingers and quickly create change in their lives. However, hypnosis is not the magically altered state that is sometimes portrayed in stage hypnosis.Those types of shows involve a completely different skill-set that has more to do with misdirection and the power of suggestion, much like in a magician's performance. Those shows are for theatrical purposes and have nothing to do with therapeutic hypnosis. 

Also, think about it for a second -- if someone told you that they could erase all of your problems and anxieties with the snap of their fingers (and there are some who will make those kinds of claims)...well, I'll ask you this: do you think that is even possible?

In reality, Hypnotherapy is much more like traditional "talk therapy" but with a focus on first putting the body into a deeply relaxed state so that the mind will much more readily absorb the therapeutic "talking" part. And also, as in traditional therapy, hypnotherapy takes time to fully experience it's optimal effectiveness. If you are committed to the process of creating change in your life, I truly believe both forms of therapy can be life-changing but, ultimately, whether or not hypnosis is a part of your session is entirely up to you. 

Is Holistic Therapy or Hypnotherapy Right for Me?

As with most physical, mental or emotional health treatments, the only way to really learn if it will work well for you, is to try it out. I will say, though, that holistic, person-centered therapy, with its focus on self-actualization and personal fulfillment, is always beneficial to clients on one level or another.

How Long Do Sessions Last?

All sessions last for 50 minutes. I also offer free 30-minute consultations for the first meeting.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to Begin Seeing Results?

The amount of sessions a client has with me varies from person to person. This type of therapy is a client-led process and the goal is not to have the sessions drag on endlessly, but to guide clients to a place where they feel enabled and capable of going it alone. Being ready for this kind of independence is completely the client's call and there are often occasions where people decide to stop, and then start therapy again as needed, depending on what's going on in their lives.

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