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Things to Do in Big Bear Lake, California

If you're looking for something other than the typical surf and sunshine for Spring Break, a trip to Big Bear, California is a more mellow, but still sunny, alternative. You'll find plenty of activities to keep you and your family busy, but, at this time of year, you won't be overwhelmed with touristy, over-eager crowds. If you're a fan of cozy, small-town chic, then you'll really enjoy the open air, woodsy charm and plenty of things to do in Big Bear. By far, one of the biggest treats of my fa
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Passengers Would Rather Take A Longer Trip Than Fly United Airlines

Things just keep going from bad to worse for United Airlines. After last week’s unfortunate events surrounding the dragging of a passenger from one of its planes, the company would probably like the whole PR nightmare they’re experiencing to just end up like most of yesterday’s news. That doesn’t seem likely to happen, though. Every day, there seems to be more disappointing news for the company and its CEO, Oscar Munoz. First came the demands from angry protesters for the removal of Munoz as CE

Flying With a Toddler: 7 Great Tips for Staying Sane and Keeping Kids Entertained

Flying with a toddler is enough to make even seasoned parents break out in a sweat. There are the nervous stares as you walk down the center aisle. The repeated utterances of "Oh, so sorry!" and "Thanks for picking that up!" The shuffling back and forth between seats until you have just the right set up, with everything you need within easy reach. Sound familiar? If you've ever traveled with a toddler, you know this scenario well. Although just getting settled on the plane alone is an exercis
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Spring Break Travel: Sunshine and a Little Snow at Big Bear Lake, California

Even though we’re headed out of the dark days of winter and into the spring sunshine, many places in the country are still in the midst of frosty, cloud-splattered weather. I have to admit that this is the time of year when being a transplanted New Yorker living in southern California feels pretty darn good. Before moving to California, I had only ever heard of Big Bear from The Bold and The Beautiful, one of the few remaining daytime television soap operas. I thought it was an idealized "cozy h
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You CAN Save Money and Travel with Your Family on a Tight Budget - Here's How

As they say, life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. And since life wasn't lining up alongside my jet-setter fantasies, I was determined to find a way to bring the "mountain to Mohammed," so to speak. Here are some of the ways over the years that I've managed to help my family earn "fun" money and travel enjoyably even though we were on quite a rigid budget: It probably comes as no surprise that when I see a headline like " 10 Affordable But Dreamy Vacations ," I'm always a li
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Keep Kids Busy on Summer Road Trips With These Movie-Themed Puzzles & Games

Pretty road trip scenery is great...for a while. Eventually, you'll need to have more variety up your sleeve to keep the kids from getting bored. I was always fascinated by road trips as a kid. I thought they were magical. Fast-forward to 30 years later and, although I still love road trips, I realize now that the experience is quite different when you’re in the driver’s seat, rather than sitting care-free in the second row relaxing and watching the scenery go by. Well, I was a kid who loved t
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Cross Country Trip from Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida: Day 3

If I didn’t know it before, I am crystal clear now: Texas is a humongous, gargantuan state, especially when you’re trying to drive through it quickly. We may have been worn out from the seemingly endless miles of open road, but the pot of gold near the end of the rainbow was our visit to Austin. Such a cool town! I had already heard plenty of great things about it, so I was really looking forward to checking it out for myself. With tons of museums, trendy cafes, artist studios, restaurants, musi
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Cross Country Road Trip, Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida: Day 1

Taking one last look at the mountains of Los Angeles before heading off to the East Coast. After loading up the Uhaul (which delayed our departure by a few hours), we finally headed out of Los Angeles by way of Pasadena. After a quick stop at the Pasadena Humane Society to pick up some Feliway Spray * for the cats (its supposed to keep them calm...we'll see!), we were on our way. Last week was a great time of seeing friends, sharing meals and reminiscing. Even though the goodbyes were hard, it
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Los Angeles to Orlando Road Trip: Day 2

We got to Phoenix , Arizona late and we all just crashed as soon as we settled into our hotel room. The next morning, we had breakfast, then Josh and the girls took a dip in the pool, while I organized our luggage, laundry and snack bags. Once we were all dressed, we took a drive around Phoenix, but didn’t really find much that we wanted to see. The streets were kind of deserted (maybe it was the combination of being Father’s Day and a temperature of over 100 degrees). We considered checking out